Here at NOTNORMAL, we have two objectives: The first – the INFO objective – is our blog: aggregating info to help you and our other readers in your quest to remain vigilant.  The second objective is to get our readers engaged in raising awareness among other Americans who may never read our blog. Those two objectives are described further below.

The INFO piece: notnormal.info curates news, information, and opinion and provides site visitors links to the original sources. We tend to focus on amplifying those voices in the media which aren’t considered “mainstream” in that they don’t reach the mass audiences available to major newspapers and television programs. 

These sources often provide the most enlightening stories and insights as they are less concerned with entertaining their audiences and more concerned with digging deeper to uncover otherwise hidden aspects of newsworthy events.  But we don’t ignore stories from major media – organizations that often have access to people and events that lesser known media sometimes don’t.

We do our best to turn site visitors on to stories that are credible and substantiated and insights and opinion from well-informed sources and bona fide experts in political, economic, scientific, social, and health arenas. We hope you’ll let us know how we’re doing, keep us informed about news and perspectives we have not yet become familiar with, and maybe even contribute an original blog post. 

The Awareness Piece:  We know that most Americans never will see the info we curate. All we can hope for is remind them to be discriminating – to resist drifting unconsciously toward accepting a “new normal” that elevates disrespect, racism, dishonesty, violence, lack of empathy, and lack of integrity driven by ruthless self-interest. So our second objectives is to attempt to remind everyone continually by launching and maintaining the Not Normal Sticker Campaign. Its success depends on your help. Learn more.