Trevor Noah Reviews the Betsy DeVos Confirmation Hearings

The Senate confirmation hearings for US Cabinet positions are rife with examples of lying, misdirected responses, dodging questions and, notably, nominee points of view on key issues that are the exact opposite of the stated positions of Donald Trump. Watching video of congressional hearings provide the next best experience to actually being present at the hearings. But few have the time and inclination to watch the full proceedings. Most of us depend upon the clips made available by major media.

A few of us gain some insights through video clips shown on alternative media or links to YouTube from alternative media websites. Then there are comedians like Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, and John Oliver through whom we have the opportunity to see video clips that might make us grimace were we not first put in a “laugh at the ridiculousness” mindset. Political comedy often makes it possible for the public to see revealing aspects of politics, policy, and government that major media ignores. And truly good political comedy reaches a lot of people. NOTNORMAL.INFO aims to extend that reach. We begin with Betsy DeVoss, the nominee for Secretary of Education.

Here’s a look at troubling moments from her confirmation hearing, through the eye of Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show”: