Welcome to the order page for “This is NOT Normal!” stickers. You are about to join a growing movement to remind our elected officials and our communities that Americans won’t sit idly by if they misbehave.

Our cost for these stickers drops as the quantity we have printed rises. If you can commit to pasting just two stickers per day, our cost is under 10 cents each. Add to that expenses to fulfill your order, pack and ship your order and your price for each sticker is a fraction above 10 cents each. Prices shown include our estimated packing and shipping cost.

Two stickers per day is an order quantity of 720 for all of 2017. But we hope you’ll paste even more than 2 per day and that the campaign will really go viral for maximum impact. Spread the word!


60 Stickers – $9.49

120 Stickers – $16.99

240 Stickers – $29.99

360 Stickers – $42.99

480 Stickers – $54.99

600 Stickers – $64.99

720 Stickers – $74.49