In the Warner Brothers film, “V for Vendetta”, this symbol was painted on walls as a reminder to both the corrupt, oppressive government and to the people that there are those who work toward justice, fairness, and equality. That symbol was inspiration for terrorist actions. Here at NOTNORMAL.INFO we reject violence as a means to political ends.

Instead, we want to inspire and encourage political activism. Letters, calls, and emails to elected representatives; sharing of important news and perspectives via social media; voting in local and national elections (including the 2018 Mid-term elections); and, perhaps, most important, getting out in the streets and protesting an impending vote in Congress, a new, unfair law or an existing one. To that end, we present a sticker campaign with the intent that it go viral. The objective is to get stickers in the hands of concerned citizens everywhere so they can place reminders to members of their communities: Do NOT accept nonsense as a “new normal”. Reject complacency.

Dozens of other entities and individuals are encouraging non-violent political activism and we are proud to be among them. Our approach – aside from curating news and expert opinion – is to take the call to political engagement to the physical world. To place messages where people see them when they lift their eyes up from their smartphones.

Thousands of stickers are already being placed in cities around the country. Join the movement as just one of the actions you take to demand sanity in the government.

Stickers are 1″ square so that they can be placed virtually anywhere – and they SHOULD be. The simple reminder “This is NOT normal!” is printed on glossy vinyl with an adhesive backing. We are making them available in a variety of quantities, at our cost, with prices dropping as order size rises.

Make a commitment NOW to paste stickers daily. Keep in mind that the Trump Administration will be with us for more than 1,500 days unless Vladimir Putin has him impeached.

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