Did Cambridge Analytica Pull Your Puppet Strings?

Microtargeting is an approach to political campaign messaging that British company Cambridge Analytica appears to have honed into an effective, scientific means for politicians to deliver their messages in the ideal words, images, and media for each individual citizen. The most Draconian view of this capability is that the firm helped Donald Trump’s campaign to use psychological – or at least psychographic – manipulation to win the U.S. presidential election.

A reader comment is revealing:

Trump voters, you were duped. Consider this thought, contained within the article: “Trump’s conspicuous contradictions and his oft-criticized habit of staking out multiple positions on a single issue result in a gigantic number of resulting messaging options…” Know what that means? He says whatever you’ll respond to. Warn France. Warn Germany. And for goodness’ sake, stop giving these jerks so much information about yourself.

Fair warning. Italy, Holland – listen up!

The full article, available in English at the link below, is a translation of the original investigative article published in German by Zurich-based Das Magazin.

Source: Trump Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself | aNtiDoTe Zine