Will a New A&E TV Series Humanize the KKK?

Some argue that Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency was good for America because, in it, he “said some things that needed to be said”. He set aside political correctness and, in doing so, said what was on the minds of many Americans, they argue. That’s worrisome for many who did not vote for Trump.  Are there that many racists in America? The majority of Trump voters would not lay claim to that moniker. At least not currently. But what if being racist came to be acceptable in widening circles of society. What if it provided a sense of belonging to some who currently have no sense of affiliation – no “tribe” with which to identify?

A new series to be shown on the A&E Network, entitled “Generation KKK” might be just the ticket. By going inside a home in which individual family members struggle either to identify with or to reject their KKK legacy, A&E may well serve to “humanize” a segment of society that is currently very small and viewed by most with suspicion and revulsion.

In the linked article in Salon, Melanie McFarland asks:

At some point we’ll have to ask ourselves whether a show like this is fighting white supremacy or normalizing it.

Although the show’s producer states that the show has been in the works for a year and a half, McFarland points out that’s when Trump’s campaign began in earnest and capitalized on the bigotry and racial tension that has punctuated our national news. 

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(photo credit: A&E)

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